winter 2019

Play, play a lot! Because the best of childhood is to share these moments with friends!

Elian Tropical 2019 Girls

elian girls

Sports, sparkles and modern details, all this for girls to enjoy with much comfort and style. Winter is pure fun.

Elian Tropical 2019 Boys

elian boys

The fun is guaranteed with playful pieces that are part of the game. In addition, College style is lit for an incredible winter.

Elian Tropical 2019 Life Colors

life colors

Comfort, versatility and many colors: the Life Colors line is awesome! Embark on the fun with incredible colors and perfect pieces for day to day use.

Elian Tropical 2019 Beats

elian beats

The 90’s came back with everything in teen fashion! Stripped models and attitude-filled prints bring a cool beat to the stylish galley.

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